Top Smart Tools for Event Productivity

Top Smart Tools for Event Productivity

As technology evolves so does our need for reliability and functionality. Event planning has a long list of tedious, time-consuming duties that require focus and patience. Perhaps you recall a family or friend taking on the responsibility of planning an event for a loved one. You might remember the chaos that attached itself to the planning. Luckily, 2018 brings a whole-new – and relieving! – way of event planning. These simple tools will help you master the tasks in front of you, while leaving the unnecessary stress behind.

Smart Locks

Yes, a padlock is still consider a method by which we secure and protect our precious belongings. Maybe you’re using the old-fashion padlock to ‘secure’ your items. According to Forbes, these ‘pick-locks’ are theft-magnets. Since it’s 2018, technology has taken the ‘lock and key’ to a whole new level. Meet the smart lock, a device that uses your personal identity as the key to accessing your belongings. Suppose you’re catering a two-day event in a very well-known part of town. While theft can happen anywhere and to anyone, wouldn’t you feel secure knowing your gear is protected by more than just a pick-lock? With the recommended smartphone app, this device requires your finger print in order to gain access.

Digital Watch Wear

As an event planner, you can’t afford to miss any messages, especially from clients. You’re constantly adapting to the demands of clients and adjusting where necessary. And for some of us, our cellular phones can prove to be just one more nagging ‘thing’ we need to remember to check. The Moto 360 smartwatch is like having a secretary on your wrist. Yes, we’re happily bringing back the wrist watch. But not without the Millennial timestamp, of course. Although its birth year was 2015, the Moto 360 proves to be just what the doctor – or event planner – ordered. This smart watch syncs to your phones’ bluetooth. So, whenever you receive a message or phone call or need a calendar reminder, your watch will give you a quick vibrate. Quick, simple, and without the distraction of unwanted calls and emails.

Functional Lighting

Perhaps you can recall a time you’ve attended an important event, where the lighting was, well, a little off. Whether too bright or too dim, you do remember the lighting being an issue. XOUNTS UP puts lighting and sound in rhythmic tranquility for you and your guests. Through wireless control, event planners can easily adjust both elements without the hassle of occupying two separate devices. This system is compatible with such applications as Bluetooth, SONOS, Apple Airplay, and others. The custom-made lighting uses LIFX and Philips HUE for a beautifully peaceful evening.

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