Do you want to make your next event as good as a vacation?

pineapples wearing sunglasses and party supplies

Do you want to make your next event as good as a vacation?

pineapples wearing sunglasses and party supplies

A Beach Lifestyle Party

Why a beach party?

Because summer doesn’t get any better with refreshing cocktails, sunshine and sand between your toes. What is a better way to celebrate summer than by throwing a beach party? Family, friends, sun, food and fun! How could you not have a blast? Beach parties are budget friendly because they can be as elaborate or as low-key as you want them to be. A beach lifestyle themed party offers a powerful beach break making it a favorite for the surfers.

A Tropical Beach Bash

A summer party by the shore is tiki-tastic with all the tropical flair that you can imagine.

Set the scene: There could be nothing more tropical than including fun games such as bowling for pineapples with a coconut ball.

Give your guests a Caribbean feel with some bright hues, palm tree décor or the sounds of steel drums. Making a playlist of songs that compliment the theme is extremely budget friendly as an alternative to hiring a professional musician. You can also go full-on Americana by featuring burgers, checkered napkins, seasonal pies or hot dogs.

1. The right venue

Choosing the right and perfect venue requires some research. So, you should probably start the process a few weeks in advance in case you are not located somewhere near the ocean.

2. Disposable tableware

A lot many beaches do not allow you to bringing glasses to the beach. The solution to this is using disposable plates, cups, napkins, straws, cups and bowls. There are a plenty of cute wooden disposable tableware available online. The biodegradable and recyclable options are great for beach parties and even for the environment. Tossing supplies also makes the clean-up an easy task.

3. A beach friendly décor

A beach friendly décor is critical. You need to make sure that you choose the décor such that the paper decorations do no blow away due to the wind. Consider the practicality of the accessories before purchasing any of the items. The best part is that you will find a lot of inspiration from the beach surroundings itself that will help curb the costs. For instance, sea shells, rocks etc.

4. Yummy appetizers and mains

You want to make sure that people who come to your party have little nibbles and appetizers ready and easy to eat.  There is nothing that can go wrong with food like Vietnamese summer rolls, bruschetta, chips and guacamole. Make the eating session interesting and interactive by building your own food bar. A do it yourself food station works very well for sliders and tacos.

5. Refreshing drinks

A cold beer and some white wine sangria are perfect for a hot summer day. For the non-alcoholic front, fill the coolers with plenty of bottled water. Berry infused H20 jugs are effortless but look fancy.

6. Entertainment

This is the difference between a good and great bash. Turn up the tunes to start a limbo contest or conga line. When the sun goes, a bonfire will keep the party going.

Events when done right are always a success and very engaging. The key point is to stay within the budget and make a strong impact with the best possible creative ways.