How to make your book signing a significant event

How to make your book signing a significant event



Make your book signing as significant an event as that of your book. After all, which author doesn’t look forward to some additional suggestions to increase the number of books sold! It is a way of receiving appreciation for all the work you went through to make your book a success. We might not be as good with words as you are, but we have tips for you to make your book signing memorable.

Make the announcements for the bookstore’s intercom short and brief. Give them a number of versions of the announcements because announcing with the same version for several times gets dull and boring. Don’t shy away to remind them to make the announcements over and over again if it has been a while since the last announcement. You could very well include the keynote if you are in town for a speech or lecture about your book. Of course, it also depends on the bookstore if they wish to include it in the announcement or not.

Tip: Do not just sit at the table waiting for everyone else to reach to you first. Treat it as your personal event just as you would do if you were the host/hostess to a party at your very own home. Be a greeter. Walk around the store with copies of your book and be outspoken enough to get the people to know you and your book better. This grabs attention!

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Develop a good relationship with the Community Relations person as they are ones who will book you again. It is very important to be in their “good book”.

Tip: Get in touch with a graphic designer and print out some excellent attractive bookmarks. You could write a small note of what the book is about along with your signature. Present them to everyone who comes to the store.

Puntos de libro.

Bring your own camera and get several photos taken with the manager of the store and as many people as possible. Do not make an impression that you are an unapproachable author. The more good you will spread, the more good you will receive. These photos can also be used for your publicity in the future.

Tip: Bring a Polaroid camera along. When someone buys your book, you could give them a copy with your regards on the backside. Suggest them to use it as a bookmark. This brings in a more personal feeling and a topic of conversation.

Do your own part for promotions. Ask the manager of the bookstore for a media list like TV and radio. The list makes it easier for you to call the radio and TV stations. Ask for recommendations of the stations who would be interested in an interview with you.

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Book signings are not the place to be shy. Be extremely FRIENDLY. Signed books are a treasure for book lovers. Come up with something personalized for every customer looking forward to getting their copy signed. Book Signing is a critical event-one that needs strategic planning that works for your benefit.