Tips to celebrate your daughter’s sweet 16

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Tips to celebrate your daughter’s sweet 16



Whether you are looking for baby’s 1st Birthday, a Sweet Sixteen or something in between, it’s always important to have a detailed list when organizing a celebration. Birthdays only come around once every year, so make sure to arrange the very best birthday party your birthday girl can have.

Teenagers have different levels of comfort. In order to know what kind of party to throw, it’s important to know if your daughter would like to have a large party or just a small gathering with some of her close friends. Be mindful of her wishes before you proceed further. Remember that it’s their day, and you only want the best for her.

Plan the food

Plan a menu with your daughter’s favorite foods. Whether it’s Chinese or Italian, make sure you have your teen’s favorite food catered for the party. Also make a proper head count of the guests for the party. It is always a good idea to order extra food in case any extra guests show up. Make use of disposable plates and glasses that do not leave any mess in and around the house. If you have a themed event, you can offer food that fits with the decoration.

The invitations

When it comes to birthday invitations, you have numerous choices. For example, for a sports party, an invitation in the shape of a soccer ball or football would be perfect. There are ways to celebrate exceptional occasions without having to spend a fortune.

Make it a parent free party

If you strive to make it the best sweet 16 for your daughter, you might consider a parent-free party. As most teenagers consider it embarrassing to have their parents around whenever there is a social gathering or event. However, you can be part of the party at key times, such as when the cake needs to be brought out or when the cake cutting is taking place. Just make sure the kids get their uninterrupted friend time.