Royal Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

Royal Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas


Many times you may have heard from people around you that they want to have a rustic elegant wedding. But let’s be brutally honest, rustic has become quite a broad term these days. How much do you know about what “RUSTIC” really means? We are pleased to inform you about what a rustic wedding is precisely. Also, we’ll be shedding some light on the décor ideas that are suitable for your big day.

Firstly, a Rustic theme is all about nature. A rustic wedding nearly always incorporates the beauty of nature which is seemingly picked up from the land of Adam & Eve. When we talk about nature, we mean an outdoor venue with all green and brown. To be clear, by green and brown we mean the greenery and the wooden details. The second thing that makes a wedding a “Rustic Wedding” is the casual feel. It is the most important element of a rustic wedding – a rustic wedding is not analogous to a basic contemporary event of formal black tie. It’s more like the wedding when your grandfather married your grandmother – when everything used to be casual and comfortable. The same trend follows in these weddings. Last but not the least, “The Décor” (the down to earth décor) with such simple and elegant themes defines it all, and when we say simple it doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be desolate and bleak, it simply means the vintage and antique stylings.

From everything cozy and natural which connects you to your childhood old-fashioned memories, let’s walk down to lane and explore 5 of the most romantic “must haves” for your rustic wedding décor.

  • Wooden Boxes

Filled up with all the happiness and your favorite soft hued blooms in wooden boxes will enhance the beauty of your wedding décor. Line both sides of the aisle of your ceremony venue with wooden boxes full of flowers.

  • Calligraphy Escort Cards

Escort cards are used to inform guests of which table they’re looking for in the reception area. In a rustic wedding, try to do it more casually such as displaying it with clothespins and twine to give it the right flavor of casualness.

  • Globe Lights

Usually, the need for globe lights comes into play when it’s an outdoor wedding. Cue the lights and set the mood with some guitar strings. Globe shaped lights for décor look good in a rustic wedding.

  • Serving Sign Board

Everything in your wedding deserves a rustic theme, even the sign boards for food and desert. Display the desserts loud and proud underneath a wooden cutout. The background of the board should be vintage along with a leafy garland on it. Make every single board in the wedding like this to consistently convey a uniform look which is more appealing.

  • Iron Cage Lantern

The craving of wanting more and more will never end as it is buried in human nature, but when it comes to the lantern no one can say no to this particular look. If you want more light at your wedding venue, then the iron cage lantern is ideal, for it gives a glamorous and elegant look to the table décor.