How To Reduce Catering Costs For Small Business Events

How To Reduce Catering Costs For Small Business Events


Did you know that business events and formal parties give you the perfect platform to interact with business partners and relevant professionals in a setting that is less formal? You’ll also have many business opportunities present themselves at such events. In such an atmosphere, your small business can easily grow and expand. But to network and meet potential clients, you need to host a great event – and catering is one of the top aspects of such an event. If you’re budget is small, you needn’t be worried. You can still host a great event while reducing catering costs. Profitability will improve when you lower overall business spending and catering can sometimes take up a major chunk of the overall event costs. We’ll guide you to genuine measures you can take to successfully meet your goals.

You’ve probably attended other business events – and perhaps that’s where you encountered the idea of hosting your own. You may have even participated in extravagant dinners at such parties. But considering your budget, opting for a simple and light menu won’t hamper the overall success of the occasion. Look for catering service providers that will help you in curating a lighter menu at lower costs. While good catering will be an advantage, spending a huge portion of money might not be a wise decision.

You can have your business event scheduled after lunch or dinner because these are hours when guests will themselves prefer eating light. Usually buffets are cheaper. Catering companies with an influential brand image are likely to charge you higher amounts, due to the overhead costs involved. Go for a small catering company whose prices will easily fit into your budget. Make sure to ensure the quality of their food to make certain your guests enjoy a great menu.

If your budget is really tight, you could consider controlling the number of guests you’ll invite to the occasion. This might be a tough choice for you, but remember that your employees and business partners will still have the leeway to invite their guests and this is something you can’t restrict either. As the best solution to this, you can schedule your event on a weekday or during office hours. This way, you can be sure non-staff members will be less likely to attend your event. Thus, the number of guests attending will be fewer.

Interestingly, some business events like to express gratitude to employees and business partners for their effective contribution and fulfilled goals. If you too have a similar plan, do honor and recognize these achievements, but make certain you don’t overspend and overextend your business resources. And of course, keeping the duration of your event short would be another excellent cost-saving tip.